Barcelona – Heavan For Skaters


Hey girls and boys!

One thing that many people notice when they come to Barcelona – many many many skateboarders! It seems that this city was created to become a capital of skateboarding: smooth streets, countless amount of skateboarding spots and most importantly – chilled locals. In one word – awesomeness!!!

Considering the amount and variety of skateboarding spots in Barcelona, we are not going to talk about every single each of them. It would take ages and we prefer to go and check those spots ourselves instead of just writing out them. Wanna join? 🙂

Of course, MACBA is the main spot and it is not a secret.  Even Wikipedia names it as being one of the most popular places for skateboarding. MACBA is the meeting point for skateboarders. MACBA is the skateboard scene.  You can learn new tricks, you can show what you have learnt, you can just chill there all day long. And we are close to this place! it is even closer if you ´travel´with your skate. 🙂

Other very popular places among international community of skateboarders are: Universitat, Pararel, Forum, and as we said before, many many more. Come and check them yourselves.


From Barcelona with love…and skateboards 🙂

Sun and Moon







It has been 53 years since the first Sitges vintage car rally took place. Today, this spectacular rally is just about to start in Barcelona Sant Jaume square from there all the lovely oldies with drivers wearing classic outfits of 1920 will go to Port Aiguadolc in Sitges.  Of course, the winner of this race depends more on the car itself than the speed. Drivers who are dressed up with the appropriate vintage attire get extra points.

To sum up, it´s gonna be a vintage day in Barcelona and Sitges today. Don´t forget your cameras! We can already see some lovely oldies parked in front of the hostel!

Regards from vintage Barcelona,

Sun and Moon


The Sweetest Festival


Hey Guys!

Hopefully everyone is doing just perfect!

3rd of March is a sweet day here in Barcelona, because of the tons of sweets that are given away during the colorful ´Sant Merid´parade. This is an annual event where there among many different activities the biggest event is the evening parade through Gracia (very charming district of Barcelona). Citizens and tourists gathers together to see a colourful procession of horses, carts and lorries. The evening finishes with fireworks!

With love from Barcelona..

Sun and Moon

PS. Have we mentioned already that spring arrived to the city? 🙂 Don´t forget to bring your sunglasses!


Hey! Long time!

We are happy to annouce that spring has come to Barcelona! yey!


If you have ever been in Barcelona, we are sure you walked down La Rambla at least a couple of times during your stay. Right?

Sun and Moon is located just off La Ramba, so the question what to do at this fourth most rated tourist attraction in the world is very relevant. There are  a few hints below, why La Ramba is one of the hot spots thoughout the year

The Boqueria

Probably everyone has heard about this famous traditional market. If you are in La Rambla don´t miss a chance to get some fresh products. You´ll be amaized by the variety of colors and flavours this market has to offer.

Living statues/Street performers

La Ramba wouldn´t be the same if street performers have disapeared. They are more qualified and profesional that most of us expect them to be.

Liceu theatre

This is Barcelona´s opera house opened in 1847.

Wax museum

Museum that houses variety of wax fugures of art and history. Of course, it´s not London´s Madame Tussauds, but we are in Barcelona! By the way, museum shop is worth a visit too 🙂

Palau Guel

Guel family home that was built in 1886. World heritage site.


These are just a very few ´dos´ in La Rambla.  For more, please turn your fantasy on! 🙂


As always,

from Barcelona with love..

Sun and Moon



Sitges carnaval


Hey Valentines!

First of all, Happy St. Valentine´s Day! Hope you know that we love you all!!! However, no matter how romantic Valentine´s Day is, there is one day a year even more romantic in Barcelona, which is La Dia de Sant Jordi –  a day of roses and books, but we´ll get back to it later 😉 we have time until April.

This time we want to remind you about Sitges Carnaval that is going to take place from 16th January to 22th January. This winter festival of parades and parties is definately worth a visit. Sitges is a very nice coastal town 20 minutes away from Barcelona by train. So, if you decide to go, you can have 2in1 – not only take part in one of the biggest and most popular carnavals, but visit a very charming spanish town. 

From Barcelona with love…

Sun and Moon.

Sonar 2012 Barcelona


Hey Girls! Hey Boys!

Probably everyone knows that Barcelona in mid June is all about Sonar Festival. This advanced music and multimedia art festival takes place since 1994 and attracts crowds of people from all around the world. The festival tries to combine the major headliners in modern electronica with an extensive line-up of emerging artists, djs and trendsetters in today´s music and new media art. The line up of this year´s festival has been released already and it looks great! Don´t miss a chance to visit Barcelona then it´s full of action!!!

By the way, every June many Sonar ´followers´ come to Sun and Moon Hostel because we are always ready to offer comfy beds to everyone who needs some rest 🙂


Sun and Moon.

Barcelona VisualSound Festival 2012


Hello from Barcelona! Always busy and eventful Barcelona!

Great news –  the 9th edition of the Barcelona VisualSound Festival 2012 has started yesterday! It´s going to take place up until 17th January, so everyone who has a change, should attend it. Highly recommended! The festival´s  aim is to be a space for exhibition and a platform for young artists to show their talent.  VisualSound offers a wide variety of activities: workshops, conferences, master classes, round tables, exhibitions, film forums and many more, so everyone can find something appealing.

Happy Midweek! 🙂

Sun and Moon